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Rajesh Kumar

Puppet Lab and Exercise - 01

Install Puppet

Install a Forge module using the module tool

Apply it to your local machine

Puppet Lab and Exercise - 02

Install Puppet

Create your own module

Apply it to your local machine

Rajesh Kumar Jul 9 '16 · Tags: exercise, lab, puppet
Rajesh Kumar

1. Open a GitHub account

2. Create a new repository called ‘scripts’

3. Place a useful shell script in it

4. Commit and push

5. Make a change, commit and push

6. Create a branch, make a change, commit, and push

7. Create a pull request and merge the branch into the master branch

Rajesh Kumar

Excercise - 01

Setup a basic YUM or APT repository and put some packages in it

Setup a local mirror of CentOS (or what have you)

Setup a client to install from it

Excercise - 02

Build a simple RPM or deb


Rajesh Kumar

Chef Lab and Excercise 01

Setup an Opscode account

Setup your workstation as a client to your Opscode account

Download the build-essential cookbook, and apply it to your workstation

Chef Lab and Excercise 02

Setup a chef-repo

Write your own cookbook

Chef Lab and Excercise 03

Setup your own Chef Server

Write your own resources/providers

Write sanity tests for your code

How to submit these assignment? 

Please push to git hub repo and send me the location via email OR you can also provide solution as part of this thread comment.

Rajesh Kumar Jul 9 '16 · Tags: chef, lab, excercise